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10 Content Marketing Ideas for a Hospitality Business

Here are some content ideas for hotels and restaurants that you can share online to keep your customers engaged and ensure your business stays top of mind at this time. ?

1. Show off your customer’s positive reviews. Encourage others to leave reviews.

2. Do a live cooking demonstration, live room tour, facility tour etc, share on your FB, Twitter page and in Instagram stories. Tell customers if you use locally sourced produce. Tag them also. Your customers would be delighted to know you are supporting the local community.

3. Encourage engagement. Ask questions, what do they like to cook, any tips they would like to share? Local Hero stories?

4. Share a how-to recipe. People will really appreciate this right now.

5. Promote gift vouchers for Mother’s Day, they can be used at a later date.

6. Promote user-generated content. Share happy memories of customers in your establishment.

7. Run a food-themed, sports-themed, music-themed, local-themed general trivia quiz just for fun. People are bored and online right now. Bring some fun into their life.

8. Highlight any new seasonal items that are going to be added to the menu in the coming weeks.

9. Let your customers know if you are currently offering a take-away service. Show off your delivery partners (i.e just eat) Tag them. Show how easy the ordering process is.

10. Send email newsletters letting customers know of future updates they can look forward to when everything is back to normal. Run offers or special discount codes for early bookings etc.

If you have anything to add to this list, please comment below to let us know! ?

P.S If you need help with your online marketing strategy, I offer a range of social media training and consultancy services that are available virtually. For more information, email me at sarah@misscontentcreative.ie

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