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How to Use the Open for Business Feature on LinkedIn

Help clients find you and your business by adding the Open For Business Feature on your LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn wants to help small businesses grow and one feature that can help you highlight your key services is the new(ish) Open For Business update. This was originally rolled out in the US and is gradually becoming available to all LinkedIn members. It allows small business owners and professionals to network and connect with members looking for the services they offer, and find new clients on LinkedIn. 

In a recent survey from IDA Ireland, they estimated that there were around 216,000 people working remotely in Ireland alone with a number of large international companies offering remote working positions. With more and more companies seeing the overall benefits of hiring virtual part-time and full-time contractors including a better work-life balance, time and money savings, positive environmental impact and increased productivity to name but a few, it’s no wonder Linkedin have jumped on board the remote working bandwagon and are actively helping small businesses and freelancers. 

Those companies will be searching for contractors like you on LinkedIn. By adding your services and becoming more accessible on the platform, it’s most certainly going to increase potential work opportunities in the future. 

Once you have set up the Open For Business feature on your LinkedIn profile, you can:

  • Use the search feature to filter and find service providers in a specific industry.
  • Message other LinkedIn members for free without having a premium service.


Open for Business Feature on LinkedIn 

To set up the Open For Business Feature, go to your profile page and click on the “Get started” link. 

If this section hasn’t appeared on your profile yet, go to the top of your profile under your cover image and click on the ‘Intro’ drop-down menu. (I managed to find this hack earlier!) 


Next, click on the plus symbol to start adding your service category. Click continue. 

Choose the category that closely represents your services using the “Business focus” drop-down menu. Then, select the services you provide. A quick tip here is to add your services in order of preference of how you want them to appear as this will come in handy later on. Just to note that if you are a freelancer or independent professional that offers more than one service, you can learn how to apply to be a service provider on LinkedIn ProFinder. 


Once you have added your services, you can then opt in to let your potential customers or employers know that you are available to work remotely as well as in person. You can also opt in to allow Linkedin members you’re not connected with to message you for free. 


Add this section to your profile by clicking the “Add to profile” button. 


Finally, showcase your new services on the news feed using the hashtag #OpenForBusiness to let people know you’re up and running! 


LinkedIn is Searchable for Keywords

Linkedin is a search tool and people search for keywords. This also means that your profile has the potential to appear in a search on Google and other search engines. By adding these additional keywords to your profile it increases your chances of discover-ability in all searches. Another quick tip is to also consider using your keywords in other areas of your profile including headline, titles, experience and skills. 

To find out more about the resources and features Linkedin has to offer for Small Business then check out the link. 

If you would like further help growing your Linkedin profile, reach out to me at sarah@misscontentcreative.ie or visit misscontentcreative.ie for a full range of services available.


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